Karnak #5540 Resat-Mat spun laced fabric

Karnak #5540 Resat-Mat spun laced fabric


Karnak #5540 Resat-Mat spun laced fabric is a textile material composed of polyester fibers entangled to form a strong reinforcing fabric with cold roofing mastics and liquid elastomerics. Composed of 100% polyester, Karnak #5540 Resat-Mat has excellent conformability, making it ideal for replacing felts and fiberglass as reinforcing mats on rough roof surfaces, such as transit roofs, metal roofs or gravel surfaces. The distinctive characteristics of Karnak #5540 Resat-Mat include high tensile strength compiled with high elongation, outstanding tear strength and toughness, high bulk and porosity, non raveling edges, and excellent dimensional stability.

SKU: ADH-KAR5548/48

SIZE: 6” x 270 ft; 48” x 270 ft.