Lex-Flash II

Lex-Flash II


Lex-Flash II

LexFlash II™ Flashing is a 1.8 mm (70 mil) thick laminate of uncured ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber and Lexcan’s proprietary butyl adhesive compound. It is supplied uncured so that it can be molded to conform to irregular shapes. Exposure to heat and moisture will cure the product into a highly resilient membrane that is resistant to tearing, flex cracking and abrasions as well as other forms of deterioration caused by temperature extremes, sunlight and precipitation. It is used to seal irregularly shaped areas such as inside and outside corners, scuppers, vent pipe flashings, etc.


SIZE: 12" x 50' per roll; 18" x 50'; 8x8 corners

WEIGHT: 23 lbs; 34 lbs; .5 lb